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TR Steatocranus casuarius 1"
(25 in stock aka buffalo head)
TR Protomelas taeniolatus red empress " Namalenje" 2-2.5"
(The real red empress)
F2 Lethrinops red cap "itungi" 1"
(5 in stock)
F1 Rhamphochromis longiceps 3-3.5"
(1 pair in stock)very rare


South America

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I personally use Clayton's services at Rift Zone Aquatics. His fish are excellent quality, I've never seen such gorgeous fish! He's also amazingly talented at getting some of the more 'hard to find' species I set my mind on which pleases me greatly! Clayton is the number one reason I'm addicted to cichlids. It's his fault... all his fault and no one else's.

Seeing my school of bismark frontosas growing and thriving... is just one example of the quality Clayton delivers!

in light,

Clayton, I was impressed with the quality of fish that ya sent me. It was a smooth transaction from the get go, and I never got the impression that I that I might not receive my fish. I have made alot of orders, both domestic and internationally that have been stressful. You treated me as a valued customer, and I appreciate that! The fish are doing awesome. I will be back for more breeding groups. Any mailing list Davailable?

TTYL, Marcus

Hey Clay, Just wanted to thank you for the fish. You were very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Your fish are always in great condition and they have awesome color. I will definetly be in touch to pick up some more fish in the future. Thanks again. Cheers


Well, since i've gotten into african cichlids i've always wanted a tanganyika tank and now i have the beginnings to one. My tank is host to ALMOST all wild caught tangs thanks to Clayton. My Tanganicodus irsacae blow my mind everytime i look into the tank. Cudos to Clay for hookin a brotha up! G'YA!


I've been to Clayton's house a few times and he has some wonderful setup's. I bought some fish off him and they are top quality fish just full of colour, and the selection he has is great so many different species that the LFS would not have. Clay is also full of infomation and the prices, I could not believe the fair prices. Thx for everything Clay.


I quite liked Clayton and his vast collection and highly recommend him. He has good prices and good fish that commercial fish stores just don’t have. He will also spend time with you to ensure you’re educated and know what you’re getting into, another thing fish stores just don’t have the time and interest in. My fish are all happy and doing well. After meeting Clayton, I don’t know if I’ll every buy a fish from a store again! Ethical and knowledgeable breeders is where it’s at. Good work Clayton, you're an asset to this hobby.


We've been doing business with Rift Zone Aquatics for going on one year now. We can't say enough good things about it!

Whenever we deal with LFS, we have to put our trust into employees that may or may not know the specifics of African Cichlids or how to keep them successfully. Rift Zone Aquatics takes "the trust" to a whole different level. We know exactly what we are purchasing and we know that the livestock has been dwelling in pristine conditions.

Anytime, we have purchased livestock from a LFS, we felt compelled to quarantine the fish for a few weeks because we didn't really know what water conditions the tanks were kept at; with Clayton's fish, we just float the bags in our tanks to acclimate the fish to temperature. We NEVER have to worry anymore about possible diseases or transmitting parasites to our tanks.

Pricing is always very fair; livestock is more tailored to the serious hobbyist looking for something out of the ordinary. And what Clayton doesn't have, he will most likely be able to get and the quality is consistently superior.

From livestock to tanks to equipment to food, Rift Zone Aquatics has it all over the LFS!


I recently bought some malawi fry from Rift Zone Aquatics and Clayton was extremely helpful with great information and knowledge with the fish. He is very dedicated and committed into the fish he sells and makes sure as a customer, you're happy. I never knew such colors and types of fish existed until I saw the selection compared to the LFS. Being in the fish hobby for about 10 years now and honestly haven't seen such good customer service, selection and quality of fish. I won't need to make visits to the LFS anymore and I'm hoping Rift Zone Aquatics will be around for a long time for all my fish needs. I will definitely be back for more with some of my other, now inspired friends. Thanks again Clayton


Thanks Clayton
Fishes are healthy and coloring nicely. Looking forward to dealing with you again and will highly recommend you to others as well.

Will B.

I've dealt with Clayton a couple of times now and I couldn't be happier with the service. Both times I've dealt with him the fish have arrived on time, well packaged, and most importantly, in perfect health. He has been quick to answer any questions I've had and been very accommodating. His stock and selection are of a very high quality that you won't find at any LFS. He has rare fish that you can't get anywhere else in the province.

If you are looking for rare and high quality African Cichlids and supplies that you won't find anywhere else, look no further than Rift Zone Aquatics. You will not find better service, selection, and quality of stock anywhere. Don't bother with the LFS anymore, just go to Rift Zone Aquatics..


Very happy with the fish I've received from Clayton over the years. Always very healthy and in great condition when they're shipped to me. Clay has a good selection of Africans, with some lesser-common species in the mix, which is nice. I will definitely do business with Clayton again in the future.


Hey was just watching my fish before the light went out... Some of my guys came from you! The male juvie peackock you sold me is already starting to show a little bit of colour. The fry are eating well. Thanks again for some solid fish as always.

Antoine S. Aka:Eskobar
Vancouver B.C.

Clayton is a good and honest dealer of quality African fish. Whenever I deal
with him, he has always given me good quality service and has always sent me good quality fish, what more could I ask for. My fish are happy and so am I.

"We have enjoyed doing business with Clayton these past few years. Clayton has always had a good selection of quality African cichlids to choose from and his prices are excellent."


Thanks again for the great fish and friendly and helpful service. I'm more than pleased with both orders I have made though you. I will certainly be looking to buy more fish though RZA in the future. The fish are very healthy and active. I love to watch them grow and start to take on colour. Your selection of Africans is great and seems you're always looking to bring in new and interesting fish. Two thumbs up, I highly recommend RZA to anyone looking for African Cichlids.
Thanks again -Jordan

I was very impressed with the level and quality of customer care provided by RiftZoneAquatics. This was my fist time purchasing livestock by mail order and I would not hesitate in recomending RiftZone to anyone. Clayton went above and beyond in shipping my order in terms of packaging and communication. I have already begun to look forward to future purchases.

Thank you very much

Shane Coubrough

I searched for leptosoma for a long time, and thanks to Clayton, I finally have
10 very beautiful lepto's in my tang tank. Finally my tank is complete. Clayton
has the highest quality fish I have ever seen. I will never go to pet stores
again!!! This is the first time I haven't had some sort of sickness in the tank
from newcomers. Thank-you so much Clayton for all you have done, you were great!
I will definately be contacting you for my next fish order.


Thanks a lot for the fish that I picked up yesterday afternoon and thanks for all the help in selecting them.....they look awesome in my tank. It's really amazing that you can offer such quality fish at such great prices! I can't wait to order even more fish from you in the future.


I have to thank you again for my pair of Fossorochromis rostratus. I was worried when the airline blothched up and sent the fish on a late flight. But
when I got home from the airport and pulled the box apart, I was shocked to see that they were perfectly fine as if they were never taken out of their element. I was also shocked at how colored the male was, while still in the bag. All and All, I'd have to say I am VERY pleased with my purchase.
Thank you very much,


Thanks for the great fish and good service! I am very very satisfied
with the quality of the fish and how easy you made shipping. This
was my first time and I am looking forward to do it again one
day! Thanks Clayton!


Hi Clayton
I have had the fish that you sold me for about two weeks now and they are all doing great. Even though the fish are still juveniles, the colors are already incredible. The activity level and health of the fish are great too.
It was great meeting you and seeing you Aquarium room. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.


Hi Clay, All the fry you have given me are doing great and I highly recommend you. You have great prices and always gives me a great deal on excellent quality fish. Its always been very pleasent seeing you, and hope the best of luck to you.


I am a new member to this forum. I discovered this website just last week and went to purchase some fish from Clayton. I bought a pair of Tyrannochromis Nigriventer and 1 Stigmatochromis Pholodophorus. I have never seen these fish for sale in any of the local fish retailers in lower mainland. I added the pair of Tyrannochromis Nigriventers in my existing 180 gallon tank where I keep mainly malawi haps in. They were a little shy at first but seem to be adapting to the new environment quite well and starting to swim around the tank now.
I will try to post a picture of my tank on the website soon. In the meantime, I am glad I found this website and it was a pleasant experience buying fish from Clayton.


Hi Clayton,
Just to let you know, the Ocellatus are doing great. I released them in their tank the first night, directly from their shipping bag and they settled right away. Tank lights were off, just the room light and I was going to turn that off and let them rest for the night. A few of the fish started attacking the Anubias roots and started chasing after the shrimp that I had in the tank for algae control. I'm thinking they must be pretty hungry after their flight, so I gave them some flakes that they tore into.

Next day, they seemed at home and they do what cichlids do, a couple engaged in a spirited liplocking session and the rest of the occies gathered around to watch and cheer on the action. Good looking stock, great service, care, and attention to detail. Thanks Clayton!


Being interested in African Cichlids but with no prior experience with these fish I spent many months reading books and surfing the web learning about the lakes, species and their autecological characteristics. I came across Riftzoneaquatics website and dropped Clayton an e-mail. His reply was prompt, professional and provided the information I required. As a holiday present to myself I purchased a community of Cichlids from Clayton. His passion for the hobby and care for the fish and my experience was evident from my initial enquiry through to the final purchase. He was patient with my many questions and related information on their care, feeding, general health and handling. I found his enthusiasm and interest contagious. Following the introduction of my fish to their new environment Clayton followed up to find out how everything went. All healthy, eating and no mortalities. I have no hesitation on recommending Clayton in providing excellent service and unique high quality healthy fish at reasonable prices. I look forward to learning more from Clayton’s Cichlid internet forum in setting up my next Cichlid tank. I’m hooked….

Mike Van Ham

Senior Environmental Scientist

I havent been able to find any taiwan reefs at the local fish store and I asked Clayton and he delivered me 3 great fish today for an unbelievable price! always a pleasure to deal with and always has quality fish... since I met Clayton, I refuse to buy fish from anywhere else!

Everything was great, the service, the help, the advice, and everything Clayton provided me was great. Even though my choice of fish were kind of last minute, he had 10 F1 Pseudotropheus Saulosi for me by the next group order. When I buy more cichlids, it will definitely be from Clayton.


I have bought fish from Clay three times now and have never been dissapointed . The latest fish i just purchesd from Riftzone has to be the neatest little fish i have ever gotten (lepidiolamprologus lemairii) great coloring and personalty And extremely healthy they have settled in perfectly into there new home. 2 thumbs up to Riftzone Aquatics


Hi Clay
Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic fish you found for me . This was my first time buying fish from any where other than the local lfs , while they have been very good to me the selection is not there , you however found exactlly what i was looking for and shipped them across the country from Vancouver to Labrador City Newfoundland in the middle of the winter ( -51 celcius on the day the fish arrived), without the loss of a single fish. I must say that the whole ordeal was handled extremely professional and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again and would recommend you to anyone who is interested in great quailty fish and very reasonable prices.
Thanks again

David Beresford

Hi Clayton,Thank you for the cichlids. They look great and they look so beautiful in the tank. Already eating after an hour of their arrival. I cannot wait to order more from you.I have checked alot of Aquarium shops looking for particular types of cichlids that I want but always encounter disappointments.Now I have another problem, you have so many beautiful cichlids to pick from but I do not have enough tanks for all of them.Oh well, have to ask my Hubby to build more cichlid tanks.Let me know your next order date Clayton.

I picked up some fish from Clayton the other day;
He is very helpful, knowledgable, and his site is easy to browse.
The fish are healthy, and are right at home in my tank.
I'll definately buy more fish from him in the future!


Hi Clayton,Once again the fish came to me in good condition and I am very happy with my order.Thank you for the good service and also the ever ready help rendered to me whenever I ask you questions about the Cichlids. Definitely I will recommend you to any of my friends who wants rare and high quality Cichlids.
Thank you again.


I came across Rift Zone Aquatics online searching for places to buy above pet store quality fish, I was amazed buy his catolog of fish and how nice and rare they all were. I put an order in March 2nd for a lot of Lake Malawi cichlids ranging from peacocks and haps all the way to Aristochromis christyi, The following week he helped me with the order and figuring out the shipping since I have never ordered fish online.
The fish all arrived In great Shape and in good health, Not to mention the quality of the bagging and packing.

I would recomend any hobbiest to Clayton at RZA For Any type of fish he carries, The quality blows any other fish out of the water.

Chris hanna,
Kelowna BC
March 16/08

I just received 24 amazing assortment of cichlids from Clayton. Sent to Toronto from Vancouver and arrived in great condition. Treated me really courteously and generously. I got 8 Blue Dolphins, 3 copadichromis mloto fireline "gome", 6 pseudotropheus rusty, 5 pseudotropheus socolofi, and 2 aulonocara "chiwindi". It has been a real pleasure doing business with you, Clayton, and look forward to further business in the near future!


Clayton has a FANTASTIC service that offers Superior Cichlids, with support that is second to none. Finally someone totally dedicated to great prices, fantastic service and quality products that you will not find anywhere else. He will find almost anything you are looking for, and as an added bonus he keeps a web site that has information on anything you might need to know about your fish keeping hobby.


already eating... satisfied customer... how many more do you have... need adults... regards...


Right on!! What luck that someone in the Vancouver area is keeping these fish. Riftzone aquatics stocks very hard to find fish at very reasonable prices. You can save the cost of shipping (very expensive) and view all specimens before purchasing. The fish not kept in a store, and are always very healthy. If you want the real deal, the stuff you don't see in pet shops, look no further.... Clayton, the proprietor, without knowing me once let me off on five bucks because I did not have the right change.

Jamie Carter, fish enthusiast.

This is the first time I have purchased from Clayton. I requested three Frontosas from him and he provided superior quality in both fish and service. I discovered
Rift Zone Aquatics on line when I was looking for peace of mind and personal service that is hard to come by at a fish/pet store and I am grateful I did. I'll definitely buy from him again. "


I had the pleasure to meet Clayton in person. He is a super nice guy to talk to and deal with.
The fish I bought look great in their new home. Truly a fantastic fish buying experience!

Thanks Clayton.

Jean Petrahn

"Great Stock, Reliable service."
I ordered 5 Afra Cobue from them, as i live in the area i picked them up from there, so i can't comment on there shipping, but i am really happy with the fish, and Clayton is always able to give great advice and help through the message boards on their site. The best source for African Cichlids in and around Vancouver as far as i'm concerned.

"HI Clayton ... Just wanted to say thanks for the few amazing cichlids i got from you.The malawi barracuda is probably the nicest and rarest cichlid i have ever kept. The colors are very vivid in my new 130 gallon tanks with my new atinic light set up!! Your selection is great, being a cichlid enthusist for the past 15yrs. I haven't come across this type of selction at the lfs. i will definately be back for more. thanks again!!!


I was quite impressed with the quality of fish I recently purchased from Riftzone Aquatics and the professional manner in which Clayton conducted business. Being from out of town, there is sometimes a risk of the stock surviving and what the company will do about it if there is a problem. The fact that these healthy fish survived the long trip home and the follow up correspondence I received from Clayton eliminated that risk altogether and assured me that one should not have any concern whatsoever with Riftzone.

It was a pleasure doing business with you Clayton! I sincerely look forward to contributing to your continued success and would gladly recommend your business to anyone. Thanks again for all your help!

Brian J. Kokayko


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